Friday, 29 July 2016


After two rather excellent trips to Canada and Mexico (click them later), some friends and I decided to meet up one more time for 2016 with a view to hit the US, and hit it hard. As we approach the end of one trip we start to discuss options for the next as Mexico came to it's end we agreed on America and planning started almost immediately. The output after a year of planning was a trip that had us visiting 30+ parks in 11 states taking in over 100 rollercoasters, thrill activities, random sightseeing and a bunch of other hindsight what we ended up with was a another very epic trip!

In this rather large trip report I'll detail the places we visited but will also include some details on how we pulled the trip together hopefully offering some hints and tips on how to plan your own. Above is the final route, which I'll break down in more detail throughout the report.

As ever, the views in this report are my own and no offence is intended. Feedback, good or bad, can be added. I will ask that if you want to poach the photos just credit me and include a link back to this site. It's just polite :), and the way the blog works the images appear blurred on the pages but can be clicked for a better resolution.

I'm not a fan of making on-ride photos but there are people out there who are, and who do some very good ones. I've got permission from CoasterForce and Coaster2Coaster to embed some of theirs for this report, so thanks to them for doing that!

Thanks and enjoy

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